London Accommodations And Transportation

Choosing London hotels based on location can make getting around during your vacation both simple and affordable. Renting a car while on vacation can be very costly. Between the rental fees, additional insurance, parking, and tollbooths, transportation expenses stack up quickly. Fortunately, public transportation is readily available in magnificent London and there are a number of hotels located just a short walking distance to various underground and rail stations. Because many of the city’s attractions are also located close to these stations, sightseeing can be done quickly, easily, and affordably.

Unlike the roadways in the United States, the streets in London are tight and narrow, making them difficult to navigate. Excessive vehicles on the streets cause traffic congestion and delays. It is estimated that close to 250,000 automobiles circulate in the central zone of London every day. Speed during rush hour averages 10 miles per hour. Travelers can avoid much stress on their vacations and holidays if they skip the rental cars and opt for London’s various public transportation systems.

“The Tube” is what Londoners call the London Underground (subway system). The Tube has 275 stations located throughout the city, many of which are in close proximity to both prominent hotels and popular attractions, such as museums, parks, theatres, and restaurants. The Tube operates 12 different lines throughout London, making it the fastest and easiest way to get around the city. It is the most popular mode of transportation for local residents. London’s rail system operates similarly to The Tube, but runs above ground. By using The Tube or London Rail, travelers may cross the city quickly and be delivered within an easy walking distance to just about any of London’s major attractions. Best of all, there are no traffic jams to cause delays, parking fees to pay, or surface streets to get lost on.

There are many London hotels in convenient locations. Most hotels are less than one kilometer (.6 miles) from several Tube stations and have at least one London Rail station located within the same distance. Additionally, vacationers can select a hotel based on its proximity to a certain park or museum and still enjoy other attractions that are located on the other side of the city. This opens up the entire city of London for exploration from one central location – a hotel room.

Museums are popular attractions for London visitors and there are several different museums dispersed amongst the city. History lovers may indulge in the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Architecture buffs can take in attractions such as the Tower Bridge, the Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. London also features many parks and green areas: Hyde Park, Greenwich Park, and the Kew Gardens Royal Botanical Gardens. By choosing a hotel with easy access to a rail or Tube station, a traveler’s biggest dilemma will be how to fit everything into one trip – not how to get from attraction to the next. London’s public transportation system makes it easy to see the entire city and to quickly get from one point to the next.

Staying at a hotel with convenient access to rail (both ground and underground) transportation makes it possible to spend the entire day sightseeing around the city and then enjoy an evening of fine dining and theatre. And all of this activity can take place in opposite areas of the city.

Convenience does not have to come at a steep price. Sure, the money saved by foregoing the rental car could be used to splurge on a luxury hotel, but frugal vacationers have affordable lodging options as well. Hotels range in price from £25 (approximately US $49) to £441 (approximately US $862) and offer a number of different features and amenities. Several of the lower priced lodging options are B&B’s or 2-star/diamond hotels. While their facilities and amenities may be minimal, the ambience of London is still unmistakable. Hotels in the higher price range are generally 4- and 5-star/diamond luxury hotels, with all modern amenities as well as some little extras to make the London visit even more enjoyable and memorable. Regardless of price or amenities, many hotels offer easy access to the London Rail and the Tube, as well as close proximity to many popular attractions.

With so many different accommodation options to choose from, selecting a hotel can be mind boggling. Holiday and vacation planners can benefit from using a website that offers information on several different London hotels, including price, location, and amenities. Some websites also provide data on the many London landmarks and attractions, as well as directions and transportation options for getting to the sights. Instead of researching hotels individually, travelers can look at options based on price, location, proximity to various attractions and destinations, or ratings. In addition to booking all reservations online through one website, vacationers may also take advantage of special offers and discounted pricing.

When selecting London hotels, making a decision based on location significantly increases the quality of the vacation or holiday. Staying in a hotel located near a London Rail or Tube station eliminates the need to rent a car while visiting London. Not only do travelers save money on rental charges, parking fees, fuel, and other automobile expenses, they can also enjoy more of what the city has to offer by avoiding traffic jams, automobile accidents, and construction zones. The Tube is the fastest and easiest way to get around London. With 275 stops and 12 lines, the Tube makes it possible to deliver passengers within a short walking distance to most hotels, museums, restaurants, theatres and hotels. The right hotel can be a portal to the many destinations of London.

Discount Hotels Are Apt For All Classes Of Travellers

If you are planning for a fun holiday or a business trip, discount hotels are apt for helping you save money and, at the same time, enjoy all the comforts of a quality accommodation. Travelling mostly involves good amount of expenditure on transportation and accommodation. Therefore, it is essential to plan your total budget in the most optimum way. Along with travelling fare and lodging costs, there are other expenditures which are inevitable. If you want to cut down on the costs of your accommodation without compromising on the quality of the lodging facilities, opt for discount hotels.

Discount hotels play a key role in helping you remain within your budget. Many a times, it is seen that people are not very comfortable with the idea of staying in cheap hotels. They feel that the quality of the rooms and other facilities will not be up to the mark. However, this a wrong notion as most of the budget hotels offer comfortable accommodation facilities with all basic amenities. The facilities that are provided by discount hotels suit the requirements of all classes of travellers.

There are many cheap hotels that provide attractive discount offers on package hotel deals. Such hotel deals mostly include lucrative free services, such as free breakfast or dining facilities, free laundry, or free car parking facilities. In addition to the provision of discount offers, you should also take into consideration the location of the discount hotel. This is because a hotel that is centrally located in the city will have good access to major tourist spots and transportation facilities.

There are many online hotel booking services that offer a comprehensive list of discount hotels in worldwide destinations. In fact, if you are planning to visit an expensive city like that of London, try out these online hotel booking sites for finding one of the best London hotels for your trip. Hotels Online is one of the most popular online hotel reservation sites that provides an exhaustive list of hotels, ranging from cheap discount hotels to luxurious star rated hotels globally. For more information on the availability and price range of hotels matching your needs and budget, visit their website

Home Away From Home: Benefits Of Condos Over Hotels And Rv’s

Most parents of school-age children are forced to confine their family vacations to summer months, Christmas holiday and Spring break. Other families can choose to take their vacations at any time that is appropriate to their personal preferences.

When people consider their vacation or weekend getaways, few understand the true range of options they really do have available to them. Many people think their only options for lodging on vacation is limited to: hotels, motels, cabins, RV’s, travel trailers, and tents. But the truth is that there are a few more options that most people never even consider.

Condominiums, also referred to as Condos, are another great lodging option to consider. But, just speaking the word Condo brings to mind for many the concept of Time Share Condos. Of course, that is one option with a Condo, but we are going to look at the other options as well.

Condominium Residency Arrangements

A condominium, very literally, is very similar to an apartment. It is a fully self-contained living arrangement, with a living area, bedrooms, private balconies, and a full kitchen; and most condos contain all of the amenities, including big screen televisions, DVD players, high-speed Internet access, and other creature comforts we generally have in our homes, such as washers and dryers. Many condos also have hot tubs or Jacuzzis in the apartments.

Condos are basically full apartments, located in areas of prime real estate, such as Las Vegas on the Strip, or many other locations around the world on beachfront property. Condos generally provide additional benefits such as swimming pools, weight rooms, restaurants, and other high-value goodies.

We are going to look at four types of Condo purchase arrangements in this section.

1. Condominium Ownership – Condo ownership costs include the purchase price of the apartment and yearly fees to cover maintenance costs.

2. Condominium Timeshares – With a timeshare, the basic concept is that more people can afford them, because the cost of ownership is split among several owners on a per week basis. When someone buys a timeshare, they are buying a 1/52nd ownership of the Condo for a specific, pre-designated calendar week. With a timeshare, one is entitled to take over the property beginning on a specific calendar date, and they must vacate the property at the end of the week.

3. Condominium Rentals – Instead of timesharing a condo, many people opt to rent a condo, which frequently requires a purchase of a specific weekly period, although many condos provide flexibility so that you can decide which week you would like to rent. Some condo owners will allow individuals to rent by the day, but those have a much lower availability, than the condos that rent by the week. More on this later in this article.

4. The Dreaded Seminar Timeshare – Some companies are so desperate to find people to listen to their sales message that they are willing to put prospects up in a timeshare condo for the weekend or week, so long as the person(s) agrees to attend a specific number of sales presentations during their stay.

Benefits of Condos Over Hotels

The greatest benefit of condominiums over hotels is two-fold.

First, condos are fully self-contained, providing kitchens, spacious living and all of the luxuries of home to their guests. Many also provide high-speed Internet and data access to their business-class guests. For many folks, the full kitchen is the greatest advantage of a condo, in that, they will not have to eat nearly every meal in a restaurant, enabling the vacationer to spend his or her money on attractions rather than on restaurant foods.

The second greatest benefit for condominiums is three-fold: location, location, and location. Condos are generally located on some of the best prime real estate properties in the world. For example, City Center in Las Vegas is located on the Strip between the Bellagio Hotel and Casino and the New York, New York Hotel and Casino. Beachfront condos exist in nearly every major beach destination in the world. Condos are available in San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Atlanta and Miami, just to name a few metropolitan locations. And locations are not restricted to U.S. destinations; in fact, condos are available in nearly every travel destination of the world.

Benefits of Condos Over RV’s and Travel Trailers

RV’s are nice, but considering the cost of fuel these days, they are seldom a great option for most travelers. A friend of mine recently priced a RV for a planned family vacation, and he found the cost for eight days would easily exceed one thousand dollars, plus mileage over 200 miles, plus fuel. At eight miles per gallon, his planned trip of 500 miles one-way would have easily translated into 125 gallons of gasoline and more than $400, just in fuel costs, at current fuel prices.

Sure, the RV is still more spacious than a car during a long road trip, but for the cost, renting a Cadillac for the trip might just make more sense. Given the claustrophobic nature of his wife, he felt that train or airplane might make more sense for his roundtrip transportation needs.

Transportation costs aside, the travel trailer and RV are both generally a bit confining in the space considerations. Certainly, the RV beats the travel trailer hands down in this department, most of the time, but when you consider the stress of stuffing a family of five with three young children into a RV, there is never enough space available for the sanity of the parents.

Benefits Over the Great Outdoors

With smaller travel trailers, travelers are still stuck with cooking outdoors. Sure, the travel trailer might be easier than the tent to set up, but travel trailers usually have small kitchens, if they even have a kitchen at all. Cooking outdoors for a family is more of a challenge than many in today’s world want to consider.

The limited amount of refrigerated storage is another area that is usually greatly strained with the use of the average travel trailer or tent camping experience. Going into the woods with a ice chest is fine for an afternoon trip, but once that trip expands beyond the life of the ice in the chest, then food options drop off considerably. This is the greatest cause of stress for people planning such trips. They always need to manage how they can maximize their food store, within very limited-size refrigerated storage containers.

In today’s modern world, it is frequently impossible to escape the reliance we have come to have for modern technology. This leads to a need for power supplies that can accompany the traveler, to keep them plugged into their gadgets. Tents and small travel trailers do not accommodate this need in many instances.

The Purpose of Vacations Is Rest and Relaxation, Which Is Sometimes Lost

For many of us, the purpose of a vacation is rest and relaxation. But, as we have seen above, the challenges of taking long trips can sometimes produce more stress than relaxation.

Another friend told me that he was very much relieved when his parents decided not to take any more summer vacations “for the family.” He said that by the end of the first day, every member of his family was ready to strangle the other. By the end of day two of their six-day traveling vacations, everyone wanted to go home, but his dad was stubborn to a fault. His family had tried nearly all of the above options: tents, travel trailers, RV’s, hotels and motels.

Even today, twenty years later, he cannot fathom a family vacation like his parents took, without his blood pressure going up. A few years back, he had tried the condominium rental route, and he has never looked back.

He told me that for him and his young family, the only vacation choice they will ever take advantage of is the condo rentals. He said the money he saves by not going to restaurants, generally covers the extra costs of the condominium. He said the enjoyment that he and his family experience, is far greater than what it would be if they forced themselves to live in a hotel room for a week. He said the extra goodies that the condos generally provide help him to give his family a much more rounded and robust experience. He says the added space and convenience of the condo experience permits him and his wife to relax more during their out-of-state vacations.

Making a Great Vacation Even Better

I am in the business of providing wholesale travel packages to the consumer market. I got into this business myself, because I love to travel with my family. Because I am able to save so much money on my own travel, it enables me to take my family on more trips and vacations than I had previously thought I could do.

The one thing I love most about my job is that I can give others the power to do as I do. I set my friend up with a discount condo card package, and now he is able to get his condominium rentals for much less than he was previously able to do. Depending on his trip destinations, he was generally paying $650 to $2500 for one week in his choice destination.

When I was able to hook him up with the discount condo card package, he paid one small upfront fee to my company of $250 for the condo card. On one trip, he stayed in a five-star condo resort and was able to get the condo for a week at just about 25% of what it would have cost him to rent it at retail cost. On another trip, he was able to stay in a beachfront condo for one week, and it only cost him the taxes that were due on the condo for his one-week stay, a whopping $199.

All told, my friend has so far taken two one-week vacations, and between plane tickets and condo costs, he has only spent about half of what he spent on his previous trip, the one he took before I set him up to take advantage of the travel packages I sell.

The Greatest Reward

The greatest reward for me in what I do, is knowing how I am able to help people get more out of life for less money than what they would spend on their own, without my help.

In conclusion, let me ask you two very important questions. First, how much did you spend on your last family vacation or weekend getaway? And secondly, how much are you going to have to spend on your next family vacation or weekend getaway?

Eco Hotels and Lodges Around The World

The Hotel world is changing and for the first time it finds itself in the impossible position of having to provide comfort and luxury whilst also satisfying the discerning eco-aware customer.

You see it had to happen eventually, recent studies suggest that the classic hotel is regarded as a kingdom of wastage where the average visitor abandons its well-crafted ecological habits in favour of a careless “I paid for this” attitude. The average guest would check-in to a hotel and immediately forget to turn lights off when not needed or would leave the tap running or even the TV on when not in the room, all things that at home seemed to be more obvious.

As time has gone by, it seems that the onus has fallen onto the hotels themselves to teach and be more in tune with the environment so that in time the guest attitude would change.

Whilst this is true of the inner city industry, in the same timeframe the world has seen an explosion of eco lodges and hotels carefully placed in the most ecologically interesting places on the planet from mountains to jungles and in these a new breed of traveller is enjoying the beauty of nature in the knowledge that their stay is not impacting on it.

Of course all this still comes at a price, we know that often in order to get to the unspoiled beauty of some of these accommodations we have to take some long and very ecologically unfriendly flights so it really is imperative to have a good carbon offset company that you can trust and that runs projects you agree with. More often than not these are organised in less fortunate countries so the flip side is that you will be doing something socially positive too.

There is an incredible socially and ecologically facet to travel now that is improving the world and causing people to understand the effects of their old ways of doing things. we have become much more efficient and this is reflecting on the way we book our holidays too. A few years ago the social and ecological statement of a hotel was inexistent, very few understood the value of environmental protection and even fewer clients cared about it anyway. The tables seem to have turned and in around 30% of travelers these responsibility statements are crucial in their choice of accommodation.

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Finding the Right Hotels and Lodging

Ask any person who is due to take a travel trip to any destination in the world, and the very first and the most important apprehension you shall find in his or her mind would be about lodging and stay. The problem of lodging or stay is something which forms a very important determinant of the decision if one should travel to a particular travel destination or not. This is the reason why you find many a nervous travellers browsing the internet desperately to look out for the lodging and stay facilities available at the travel destination they are heading towards.

In case you are also one of such travellers, you do not need to fret as there surely is hope in the store for you. You can find the internet to be thronged by hundreds of web avenues and travel websites, which can provide you with vast information about travel destination sin every part of the world and the kind of lodging facilities which could be made available to you here.

Apart from this, a very important way of finding about the lodging facilities at these destinations is to get in touch with travel agencies and agents. These have a direct link up with hotels, motels and inn s in most places and thus can help you to find an accommodation for yourself very easily. What’s more, they can also provide you with combo package tours in case you are heading to the destination for leisure purposes and hence can help you save a lot.

You can also get in touch with some of the major and regular clients of these travel agencies and agents and ask them about their views on the kind of hotels and lodges which were provided to them.

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First Group invests millions in refurbishing flagship properties

At a time when the luxury hospitality industry is enjoying a positive upturn, the First Group is boosting it’s growth with a total investment of R179 million including a massive refurbishment investment of R67 million over the past two years with a further R112 million in the pipeline for completion by 2018.
La Montagne refurbished lounge
La Montagne refurbished lounge
“We have put a great deal of effort into achieving our goals to not only enhance our portfolio, but at the same time to invest in the development of the luxury hospitality industry,” said Donald Lamont, First Group spokesman. “This is an ongoing comprehensive investment programme that will ensure that our properties and service offerings are unique and exciting and that we continue to deliver on our promise of ultimate guest experiences in the country’s most desired locations.”

Flagship properties earmarked for refurbishment

Eight of the Group’s flagship properties have been earmarked for refurbishment that ranges from extensive renovations to the updating of furnishings and fixtures to meet the latest modern design trends.

La Montagne in Ballito boasts an R8 million makeover with an additional R62 million budgeted for further investment over the next four years, giving this popular vacation destination on the KZN north coast a total R70 million upgrade by the year 2020. The recently re-launched Selborne Hotel on the KZN South Coast has also been restored to its former glory after a whopping R28 million luxury refurbishment.

Looking inland, Magalies Park at the Hartbeespoort Dam has received a R1.2 million renovation with another R28 million still to be rolled out over the next two years, which will make this total investment of R40 million, the second biggest in the Group’s portfolio after the La Montagne.

In the Cape, the Riviera Suites showcases a R9 million transformation and will see a total upgrade of R12.2 million by 2018.

The other four flagship properties are Midlands Saddle & Trout with a total investment of R16,7 million, The Palace in Durban with a total investment of R5 million, Bushmen’s Nek in the Underberg with a total investment of R4,6 million and Mount Sierra in Cape Town with a total investment of R6,2 million.

On the international portfolio, Brockwood Hall in Scotland received a £1 million refurbishment.

A bouquet of properties, an extensive range of services

The Group’s property bouquet of over 60 resorts internationally includes hotels, golf villas, resorts, apartments, chalets and all suite properties together presents an extensive range of services. These range from premium leisure and business accommodation, the finest wedding venues, state-of-the-art conferencing facilities, the finest dining experiences, and signature entertainment through to central reservations, property design and management, housekeeping services and holiday rentals among others.

Furthermore, the advantageous global footprint of the First Group brings an exciting interface between global and local leisure industry trends to our doorstep.

This significant investment and commitment to providing sought-after destinations have all the ingredients to being the major draw card that positions the First Group as a first choice destination.

Iconic Houw Hoek Hotel sold

After it has been on the market for two years, South Africa’s oldest hotel, the iconic Western Cape Houw Hoek Hotel has been sold to hoteliers Robert Haarburger and Drew Danford for R42 million. According to the new owners, the hotel became a ‘legitimate and attractive’ option after an independent valuation was completed by a specialist hospitality valuation company.

Houw Hoek Hotel
Houw Hoek Hotel

Hotel valuations are unlike commercial or private property valuations especially in the case of heritage sites such as the Houw Hoek Hotel. These valuations are a highly specialised form of appraisal and require not only the general principles of professional valuation but also an in-depth knowledge of hotel operations. Over and above valuing the property itself, calculations must include a myriad of elements such as assets, hotel occupancy, revenue and forecasts to be valued as a going concern.

Built in 1779 and famous for owning South Africa’s first liquor licence, the Houw Hoek Hotel required heritage valuation expertise as well, since the hotel has retained much of its original architecture, comprising 53 rooms with conferencing facilities for 120 people, an à la carte restaurant and the ‘Hitching Post’ pub. Other amenities include a squash court, two swimming pools, a tennis court, volleyball court, putt-putt course, three boreholes and a generator.

According to Gavin Commins of The Valuator Group, who offered the parties professional valuation services on terms of the successful sale, valuating hotels is not a cut-and-paste exercise. “We approached all parties explaining the importance of having an independent professional valuation which would give both the sellers and potential buyers peace of mind that the value was ‘fair value’ taking into consideration all the factors that need to be considered in a sale of this nature”.

Tony Collins, senior valuer for the group carried out the valuation. Once the valuation had been prepared, a fair market value was agreed with the sellers and a sale was concluded by Greeff Properties within six weeks.

Africa expansion drive by Latitude Hotels

The Latitude Hotels has announced the appointment of Roberto Pelliccia as the group commercial and operations director. Pelliccia, a seasoned hotel executive, whose career has spanned four continents over three decades, joins The Latitude Hotels to coincide with several other new development announcements for the group.
Roberto Pelliccia
Roberto Pelliccia
“We are delighted to have Roberto join us as we move from a small African start-up to something more scalable and mature. Roberto’s global experience, including a great deal in some of the world’s fastest developing markets, will be invaluable as we look to expand at pace across the continent,” said The Latitude Hotels’ CEO, Nick Brown.

Pelliccia has worked across Europe, The Americas, Asia, The Indian Ocean, The Caribbean and The Middle East in a multitude of strategic and operational management roles for large global hotel groups. These include IHG, Hilton, Kerzner International and Meritus Hotels & Resorts, as well as leading the development of new boutique hotel groups, such as Grace Hotels Group, across North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

“I’ve worked in a variety of countries across virtually all continents for the last three decades and having been part of the exciting growth of many hospitality markets around the world, I want to bring my skills and experience to bear on a continent that is now beginning to attract the world’s attention,” commented Pelliccia.

Pelliccia joins as The Latitude Hotels continues to expand its footprint across sub-Saharan Africa. The group recently launched its first private members’ club, The Other Side, adjacent to the Latitude 15° hotel in Lusaka; will re-launch Latitude 13° in Lilongwe, Malawi in late-November – including the addition of 20 long-stay apartments; and will add 20 more guest rooms to Latitude 15° in early 2017. “In order to be viable over the long-term we had to create something both unique and compelling to guests, and to roll it out with care, to ensure we offered something relevant to the markets in which we operate”, added Brown. “We are pioneering entirely new types of hotels and private members’ clubs and having witnessed a hugely positive response to both properties we’re now ready to expand our brand footprint more aggressively across Africa.”

The Latitude Hotels has recently broken ground on its next hotel, Latitude 0° in Kampala, Uganda, and is pursuing the acquisition of properties in Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Kigali, Maputo, Harare and Johannesburg.

Corporate Travel Management: Creative Lodging Solutions Implements Corporate Travel Management

Corporate travel management is a much needed solution for companies everywhere to reduce costs during these tough economic times. Every dollar saved is important to the bottom line. In order to save money with travel expenses, companies need an effective corporate travel management system. Creative Lodging Solutions can provide that much needed savings.

Travel budgets are often one of the first areas in any company to be reviewed and scrutinized. It is possible to reduce your company’s travel expenses without sacrificing necessary travel. While many large corporations have a corporate travel management program in place, there are many companies that do not and could greatly benefit from Creative Lodging Solutions’ travel services.

Based in Lexington, KY, Creative Lodging Solutions has quickly become the solution for many companies by providing a corporate travel management system that is easy to implement. Companies will no longer need a specific department or designated staff to manage their travel dollars. Corporate travel management is handled by the staff at Creative Lodging Solutions and a weekly itemized invoice is provided to each client.

Corporate travel management is the function of managing a company’s strategic approach to travel including vendor negotiations and the day to day operation of a company’s corporate travel program. Creative Travel Solutions is not a travel agency. A travel agency will provide day to day travel services to their corporate clients and makes the actual reservation within the parameters given by the corporation. The difference is a corporate travel management company, like Creative Lodging Solutions, negotiates rates with hotels and other travel related services to ensure every client receives the best rates possible.

Travel and entertainment costs represent the second highest controllable annual expense for most companies. This expense is only exceeded by salary and benefit costs. These costs are successfully managed by the corporate travel management from Creative Lodging Solutions. As travel and entertainment expenses touch on all areas within a corporation and represents such a major corporate expense, the need for corporate lodging specialists has never been greater.

Creative Lodging Solutions has done significant research and has negotiated rates at over 4,000 hotels nationwide. Additionally, Creative Lodging Solutions has $50 million in buying power to get the best rates available for effective corporate travel management.

Florida Keys Lodging: Choose Among The Finest Beaches And Hotels

Surrounded by two bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, the amazing 1700 islands that make up the Florida Keys stretch across over 127 miles of the most breathtaking scenery. The overseas highways connecting the islands that one must navigate make even the passage into the islands an adventure in and of itself.
In order to make your vacation a joy for you and your family; get a a Florida Keys lodging. If you cannot stay out of the water for long and are an energetic person who loves the sand and beach combination, then the Keys are for you. Choosing a Florida Keys lodging gives you access to countless entertaining water sports, while at the same time offering a relaxing place to enjoy your stay.
Your vacation spots are unlimited, because as you might imagine, the beaches are as plentiful as the islands. A few of the more notable destinations are Big Pine Key, Duck Key, Islamorada Key Colony Beach, Little Torch Key, Summerland Key, Cudjoe Key, Key West, Sugarloaf Key, etc; Great food, beautiful weather, friendly service, as well as excellent lodging are a few of the amenities offered.
The hotels Florida Keys provide excellent accommodations, which is one of the main bonuses that come along with this place. No matter what your taste or how much money you have, you will find something that fits. If you want high-society, then stay in one of the luxurious villas that offer every modern amenity. For families, there are also “home-type” cottages or cabins that are comfortable and make for a time to remember. Also available is a houseboat, which is like something you have never experienced before.
Some Key West hotels offer a novel way of renting a property, also known as timesharing. This is an exceptionally convenient way to book the best of best lodgings at great prices. Timeshares are a great way to spend a vacation off from work, as they afford lots of privacy and a great escape from stress. The best Florida Keys lodging are found in the sports fishing capital of the world, Caloosa Cove in Islamorada.
In addition to the excellent accommodation offered by the Florida Keys lodging, you will find exceptional entertainment through year-round water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, sailing, and swimming offered for both children and adults alike. If you want to have lots of fun, lots of activity, and not one dull moment, then this is the best place in the world for you and your family.